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Snake Hunters

Snake Hunters Goals

Our goal is to confront the negative genius of UFPJ. We intend to challenge this Vast Conspiracy. This is Global Warfare, and We Will Never Surrender Liberty To Suicidal Killers...and their Ayatollahs! Leslie Cagan claims 1300 local and National Groups, plus she is on the Board of Directors of New Pacifica Radio Stations, East and West Coasts.

This site will remain non-partisan, and we shall do our best to cut through any political hogwash that attempts to undermine our bi-partisan government in a Time of War. Nor shall we allow negative forces to demean our military effort. When UFPJ attempts to subvert college freshmen, or enlist Women' Groups, or outrage military funerals with "War-Protest" Goons, (as was reported on Fox News on December 28, 2005), we shall confront them. Another example: Cindy Sheehan has a 1st Amendment Right to camp outside the President's ranch with her Puppets, and protest war. When she labels Al Qaeda suicide-killers as "Freedom Fighters," she deserves to lose her credibility, and we will temporarily abandon our neutrality. If a major political figure refers to any high U.S. official as "Nazi-like", that person deserves our exposure. How can any sane American wish to share the same bed with lunatics that send their own kids into a cafe or public bus with a bomb-pack? We'll not forget Saddam's mass graves, nor the Wahhabism of September 11, 2001, nor the dead sailors on the USS Cole.

Our prime target will remain United For Peace & Justice; the National Director is Leslie Cagan. Never heard of her? We'll change that. She was with Fidel Castro (!961-1968) when Fidel invited Nikita Khrushchev to place Intermediate Range Ballistic (Nuclear) Missiles that threatened the eastern-half of the USA. The world was close to Mutually Assured Destruction then, and we are fast approaching MAD again. Iran has boldly stated their intention to "Wipe the Israeli Off The Map." The religious culture of that region has a Death Wish, and we have the necessary ordinance, if they continue, to accommodate them.

Be Aware, Stay Alert, Don't Shrug A Leslie Cagan Puppet!

We have a suspicious group in a small Tennessee town. It's known locally as O.R.E.P.A, the Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance. Now, doesn't that have a familiar ring to it? "Get Us Out of Iraq, Stop The Bombs!" They meet outside, every Sunday, rain or shine, 5 to 6 PM Their two leaders have a Church Connection....Does that surprise you? They have ' Hiroshima Day' every August 6th, with a Parade. But they never mention "Remember Pearl Harbor"..... reb

"An Appeaser is one who feeds the Crocodile,
hoping he will be eaten last"
Winston Churchhill, 1940


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